WATER | poetry film

The poetry film

is based on the poem Water (published at stadtsprachen magazin No. 26, 2023). Following the flowing of water, the lyrical self starts to identify with a single drop.

Link to youtube PARATAXE Poetry film WATER Lars Jongeblod
Co-production Berlin/Germany – Quito/Ecuador 2023

The rhythm of speech, the musical arrangement by Mariela Espinosa de los Monteros, the visuals and the image editing by Manuel Suquilanda as well as the production by Elsye Suquilanda collectively direct and guide the poetry movie.

Premiere at Paralelo Cero Poesia Festival 2023 (Ecuador), incl. interview with the artists (spanish/english) and subtitles (spanish).

Official Selection – BERLIN LIFT-OFF FILM FESTIVAL 2024! – screens a diverse range of projects and talents during a month-long event, believes that indie film matters and storytelling can change the world.

Elsye Suquilanda, ecuadorian poet, performance and sound visual artist, animal rights activist. Co-founder of the Dogsofia Chichoismo “Love and respect to all living creatures, and my Master is an Andalusian dog named Chicho ”. Her work has been translated into several languages and published in anthologies, magazines, blogs, short films, videos clips, and collaborations with musicians. Latest collections of poetry: Lensi Lusikka Suussa, 030- Berlin. She has performed at literature, poetry, film, and art festivals in Latin America, United States and Europe. 100% equaterrestrial poetry Made in Berlin.

Mariela Espinosa de los Monteros, ecuadorian artist with studies in Singing and Music Production, with stage experience in several countries such as Chile, Uruguay, Venezuela, Argentina and USA, with more than 10 years of experience as an independent artist, vocal teacher and cultural manager. Co-composer, co-producer and performer in the band MUNN (Quito, 2008) and composer, producer and director of her solo project as Sr. Maniquí (Quito, 2018)

Manuel Suquilanda, based in Quito/Ecuador is a Director, Camera operator and Video editor with 20 years of experience in the making of short films, feature films, video clips and advertising spots. Cinematographer for various production companies. (Yeti Films, Sr Miranda, LAV, Alfil, Caribú media, one pixel). Director of tv shows (e.g. No me llamo ni estiben ni wuasho at Teleamazonas, Vele, Vele, Vele, at Llamingo Films) and videoclips for several bands (Lolas Riot, Cuervos, Fragua, Guanaco MC, Proyecto Santacoto, Brito, Mamá Vudú, Sal y Mileto). Award, best photography at the Revolution Me Film Festival (2014). Official selection at Zebra filmFestival, Berlin. Castel Volturno film festival, Italy and Turicine film festival (2020).